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The duration of a wrap solely depends of the complexity and size of the job. From previous experience we normally suggest 1-2.5 days for a wrap. This is after the approval of artwork which can vary depending on how long it takes to be approved.  

Keep your vehicle clean is the best way to care for your car wrap. We recommend hand washing your vehicle frequently with a soft, clean cloth or sponge. We recommend washing off all dirt and grit with plain water. Spot cleaning of any contaminants like, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and tar immediately. We recommend storing your car in a garage, carport or under a shaded area during the day and protecting it from dew and rain during the night to prolong the lifetime of your wrap. 

 The answer is no! Our vinyl actually protects your paint. 

If you are able to provide us artwork we require an editable file (PDF, eps., ai., etc.) so we can tailor the artwork to your vehicle dimension. If you can not provide us with artwork our Graphic Designers love creating new designs with our customers. Please be wary of the extended waiting times though as they are very busy and need to ensure the artwork is perfect for you. 

Wrapping your car turns the vehicle into a moving billboard. We love seeing your businesses being advertised all over Adelaide. Not only does it turn your car into a billboard, it also reinforces branding and awareness for your potential customers. 

Vinyl film is like putting a thin skin on your car. Every imperfection on your car is visible, so it is important that your vehicle is supplied to us in a clean condition and ready for the graphics to be applied. Clean your vehicle thoroughly of all waxes, oils and dirt. If your car has any rust spots ideally they need to be fixed beforehand. 


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